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hi how are you?i hope o.k anyway i was taken to hell burning fire by Jesus Christ in real time and real life,now Christ gave me the mission to help to save your life through the medium of the music, i am a preacher and solo singer,for more information please click the link above to get much more information about me, and my music,and for more information please follow me on instagram,and if you want to contact me my email address is: and my personal

cellular number is:18763360044 you can call me anytime of the day or night, or morning, people say i sound like michael jackson, i use to sing reggae gospel, but now i am singing only hip hop and rock music now, but my side of world is a reggae world, but i have a lot of hip hop and rock music, that  have  never been heard on planet earth, but i am waiting until i go to the u.s or u.k to record my new albums, but all my songs are ready, and i have built my own hip hop beat, they sound great, trust me, i am sure you are going to love them, if you book me for any event, you will be getting more than what i and you bargain for, my singer name is mr.turn, you can use the form to contact me if you wish,its all about what you want,i sing metal music,hip hop music, rock music,and other genre of music,but i am mostly singing hip hop,and rock music,you can click the link above to hear some of my music,you can contact me any way you wish,and i will respond to you right away, but i love people,i love to have live chat with people,so i would rather if you call me,but it is still all about what you want,all my lyrics in all my songs,is about Jesus Christ,musicians i have something for you,all my songs have rhymes from start to finish, all  my songs is one hundred percent original,all my songs are about peace and love, and is design to to save lifes and make this world a better place,my opinion is, when a booker book me for any event, they should get more than music and Entertainment

 after the event, when they look back they should say, we get more than what we bargain for, bookers and their audience, should learn something they never knew before something that can be of great benefit to them years to come,i have hundreds of songs, i want to give away a lot of them, to  musicians, there is no catch, you will keep one hundred percent of the royalties from the music, and all the rights to the songs,i want to give some of the music to females musicians also,so just contact me, i am available twenty four seven,3 hundred and sixty five days of the year, so bookers and musicians just contact me,i love people, i love when people are happy, once you are people i love you, i dont care about your colour or where you are from, i can perform anywhere in the world,dont worry about money, just contact me, its not about money, its all about you.and please remember to share my website,please and thanks peace.

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