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example, churches, bars
festivals, children parties



example again,say you are in new york, and i am in new york also, and you say you are keeping and event but you dont have any money


i would perform for you for free, because i would not have to pay for accommdation food etc


say i am in africa for example and you are in the u.s i would charge you a maximum of $1800 u.s because i would have to pay for accommdation etc


but you would not have to give me a next dime



the last time i perform a
girl that had breast
cancer was heal, the
best music is from christ
i also keep events shows
to get money to give to
the poor and needy

i collaborated with radio
stations and the police
to keep some of these

i organize all the
events and i plan them anything that have to do
with music
i can help you with it
and give you free advice

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i write and sing all genre
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hip hop,rock,R&B etc i build all my hip hop
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different from all other
musicians and
songwriters for example
say i am building a song
and the first rhyme word
was love, i would use
words like these after



for example these words
have never been use in
any song on planet
earth before but all words that are
use in my songs, have
meaning, and i put them in
a format that it make

i write songs for
musicians worldwide for free

i am also a music
producer i make all my hip hop
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