booking gospel musicians ?

i am a poor muisician


all you have to do is visit my bandcamp page above to listen to just a hand full of my music, and to contact me instantly, but by 2020 feburary, i will stop singing reggae, but i will be start doing hip hop, rock, heavy meatal, house and pop music, officially now



and i can get you intouch with some good talented white people musician also, quickly



the last time i perform a
girl that had breast
cancer was heal


and a next girl that had

was also heal, Christ is doing a great job through my music






all my hip hop and rock music, is build different from all other songs, for example, some rhyme words are in them that have never been heard in any other song on planet earth before, for example, if i start a song with the rhyme word love, check the other words i would use after that




for example these words
have never been use in
any song on planet
earth before but all words that are
use in my songs, have
meaning, and i put them in
a format that it make

anyway love you